Marketing Message Instantly Improved my Marketing Efforts!

‘The Small business marketing coaches have provided me real-life practical advice on their proven results-based marketing system. I am not a marketer by nature... however they now have me motivated and excited about making 'Sales & Marketing' a daily routine. The powerful marketing message they developed - "If you don't have a receptionist... you ARE a receptionist!" instantly improved my marketing efforts. I am extremely impressed with the results and recommend their services highly!

Diana Gray

Author of 'The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide' 
Owner/Manager, Central Park Business Centre

Surpassed "unrealistic" goal!

"After attending the FREE Marketing Bootcamp I started re-defining marketing strategies for my Streaming Video & New Media Promotional Services business, I had set a figure as my monthly income goal, to be achieved after 1 year of attending the FREE Marketing Bootcamp. At that time I thought this figure was a bit too high to be realistic, however, I am happy to say that we reached that goal within the first 4 months and I have already revised that monthly revenue goal by tripling that figure!!! This was the perfect boost my business needed to take it to the next level - thank you!

Pesi Unwalla

$80,000.00 in 3 Months!

When we attended the FREE Marketing Bootcamp we didn't know what to expect.  We were working 16 hours a day and didn't seem to be getting anywhere.  The advice and successful strategies gave us a clear business focus and the confidence to set goals we would have only dreamed about.  We would never have imagined that in the first 3 months we've recorded $80,000 in sales, hired 4 new tradesmen and we have commitments for an additional $120,000 in sales on the table.  The Small Business Marketing Coaches are an indispensable business asset for anyone who wants their business to succeed.

Chad and Victoria Bernst
Crimson Electric

Who said you can't teach an old dog “New Tricks”!

After attending a FREE Marketing Bootcamp it was obvious that re-defining my marketing strategies was something I must undertake!

I pioneered true networking (they call me ‘The First Lady of Networking’ ;-) in the lower mainland 14 years ago. and the results are arguably very impressive… since attending the FREE Marketing Bootcamp.

The new results have been sensational and our ‘World Record’ was shattered with one easy to implement initiative!  In fact the results are so inspiring I have decided to become a marketing coach and join the TEAM!

It takes a bit to impress me – I am IMPRESSED!

Donna Willon

Focused Networking Ltd

Helping me define my niche in the marketplace...

“Many thanks for your brilliant and generous support in helping me define my niche in the marketplace, and in finishing the words and phrases to market the niche effectively. You are a wizard with words!

 You have an uncanny knack of seeing very clearly that which I have struggling to see for years now. Where do I fit? What makes my work unique? How do I market it? These are questions you have helped me answer clearly and succinctly, and in no time at all, it seems.

 I enthusiastically recommend your services to all of my friends and colleagues who are searching for clarity and “just the right words” to market their services. Please fell free to give my name and number to anyone who wants more information on the benefits of employing your services.”

Maggie Reigh

Author Facilitator
9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child


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